Sonare Juniper Bonsai Demo

Sonare Juniper Bonsai Demo

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This past week, we had a fantastic new tree show up at Kouka-en: this massive Juniper (Juniperus procumbens).  This bonsai has been featured in the Kokufu-ten exhibition twice in the past and was in need of a styling overhaul.  The previous owner had kept it unwired for more than two years, which led to the branches having floated upward.  For this styling, I compacted the lower branches and apex, and layered the foliage to create a refined yet elegant appearance.  This bonsai will be sold at the Kokufu-ten next week.


Check out the Facebook LIVE demo of this tree below!

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  1. Jeff Aldridge

    What ever will you do for raw material when you move back permanently to the states and open your nursery.? It has been a real joy to watch all of your video productions as you style and refine beautiful Japanese bonsai. Is there a quarantine nursery in your future?