Join us in April 2017 for the World Bonsai Congress hosted by the WBFF in Omiya. Participants will experience some of Japan's and the world's top bonsai professionals conduct demonstrations and lectures in Omiya, in addition to being taken to the Omiya Bonsai Village and Masahiko Kimura’s garden in Tokyo; many famous gardens in Kyoto's Uji & Arashiyama areas; and several bonsai nurseries in the Kansai area, including Fujikawa Kouka-en nursery in Osaka. This is an unprecedented opportunity to experience traditional Japanese bonsai at its finest with two experienced international guides.  Please download the PDF file below for pricing and further details.  For inquires and to sign up, fill out the application form at the bottom of this page.  We hope you will join us in April 2017 in Japan!

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